Our apps: Viking vs. Chickens

Hey you!

Today we’ll talk about another game that we developed last year: “Viking vs. Chickens”. Hm hm, you read it right: you have to help Torvi, a retired viking, gathering up chicken eggs, so he can whip up his favorite dish: scrambled eggs.

You may think it’s easy to beat a bunch of chickens, but believe me: it’s not! Torvi has to overcome traps, obstacles and attacks created by them. However, there’s no need to be afraid of these fuuuurious chickens! :) You’ll also have power ups which give Torvi a speed increase, for example.

Help Torvi escape endless waves of the painful pecks from angry chicken and collect the highest amount of eggs he can!

“Viking vs. Chickens” features Game Center integration with leaderbords, and Facebook Connect for sharing scores with your friends. The game allows the viking to be controlled by an iGadget accelerometer or a virtual joystick.

If you want to face these crazy chickens (or maybe if you just wanted to eat some scrambled eggs like Torvi…), here’s the link in iTunes for you:


…or maybe you want to check out the free version first!


Have fun! And be careful, because¬†¬†these chickens “have sharp beaks and wicked claws, and know how to use them“!

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